13 February 2012

This is the Bag!

Dear Blog,

Oh, boy. It is HARD to blog when you're married, y'all. I mean, my life is just so...busy now. Those 'Law & Order: SVU' marathons on TBS aren't going to watch themselves! Speaking of thrill-a-minute marital bliss: one of several adorable newlywed things that Jame-o and I do now is watch god-awful reality television and come up with ways we would improve upon the show if we were cast into the role of executive producer. Now, I'm not just sharing this fun married fact with you to make you completely die of jealousy over how cool and interesting we are. I'm also sharing because James is the best at this game. His most recent stroke of brilliance: 'The Bag'.

The premise for 'The Bag' is eerily similar to NBC's boring new singing competition 'The Voice', except that in 'The Bag' when the judges turn around to see the contestant whose singing was so spectacular that it compelled them to go through the trouble of pushing a button, the contestant is wearing a bag on their head. And the contestants go through the entire season with their heads in bags, gaining fan support based solely on their vocal talent and not for how winged their eyeliner is or how tight their man skinnies are. Can you imagine?

Basically, what I'm trying to tell you here is that I married a goddamn genius. One who, at this very moment, is letting me watch 'Smash' with only occasional eyerolls and groans.

True love for the win!