25 August 2010

It's Official...I'm in Luv

Dear Blog,

We've moved! It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears (mainly blood, thanks to Jame-o's buddy Joseph slicing his arm off on our couch) but we did it. Well, Jame-o and his crew of swarthy gentlemen did it. I mainly just stood around agonizing over where my picture frames should eventually wind up. But whatevs, bro - we have a new place to hang our hats now! Ok, technically, we don't have a place to hang hats, so much as maybe a corner where a hat could be placed or a mantle where a hat could sit but srsly people: semantics!

The point of all this, besides the fact that I am so exhausted I am literally typing this with my eyes closed (I'm like the Helen Keller of typing, you guys), is that - despite the commute and the fact that a little part of me is still totes worried about getting beheaded - I get SUPERDOUBLEHAPPYPUMPEDUPSPARKLESHOESALEEXCITED every time I turn on to my street.

I mean, just look at this place:

Look at Mr. Bluebowl, chillin' with his buddies. He looks lonely but I think it's making him a stronger person...er, I mean bowl. I mean I'm not crazy, I swear...

We have HD now. Which means nothing to me except that now I can really be frightened by/ enamored with Rachel Zoe's face. I die for her. Bananas.

This is our favorite room because I give the best, most future-focused presents ever.

The bedroom is the same size as our last apartment. I could River Dance in here, y'all.

Just call me Decorator Genius Girl. No really. Do it. Please?

It's good times.

Come visit me, won't you?
Bring a hatrack.



  1. I love it! I can't wait to be embraced in the bosom of your home.

    Ps - James looks tiny in that HUGE living room. Big man in a bigger room!


  2. Your house is so cute! And you writing is hilarious. Look forward to following.